Since we cant be together, like years before, I’m taking my Square Foot Show ONLINE!

October 8-25, 2020

THIS IS A CHANGE OF DATE!  I usually have the show in December and it is usually just 3 days long! Please take note!

All paintings are 12 by 12 inches and sell for just $250.00 each.  That is almost half price for my work and a great deal on all of the artists I have curated in for you!

The show will be online and I will have every piece displayed!

Collect from over 30 artists! I will have many of my own paintings there for you to choose from as well!

Artist Name Website
Alex Krajewski
Barb TenEycke
Brent McGillivray
Carmen Gonzalez
Claudette Losier
David Grieve
Erika Mcdowall
Jennifer Elliotson
Jennylynd James
Joanne Kelly
Johanne Brouillette
Julie Burke
Julie Deboer
Julie Ponesse
Kate Taylor
Kelly McDonagh
Linda Vanwyk
Lisa Hickey
Marike MacDonald
Marissa Sweet
Marjolyn Vanderhart
Mary Karavos
Morgan Jones
Maureen Bennett
Noella Upitis
Patricia Maas
Paula White Diamond
Peter Cheung
Sandra Lewis Henry
Sandy Middleton
Sara Mullen
Shawn Cuthill
Sheila Davis
Simone Bos
Susannah Bleasby
Vanessa Drew
Vicki Carruthers