October 8, 2020 is opening night for my annual Julia Veenstra Square Foot Show!

THIS IS A CHANGE OF DATE!  I usually have the show in December. Please take note!

All paintings are 12 by 12 inches and sell for just $250.00 each.  That is almost half price for my work and a great deal on all of the artists I have curated in for you!

Doors open on Thursday, October 8 at 7 pm sharp!  We will close around 9:30 on Thursday.  Friday, October 9, 7 pm to 10 pm and Saturday, October 10 from 11 to 4 pm.

Come and collect from over 25 artists! I plan to have many of my own paintings there for you to choose from as well!

Here are the fabulous artists that I have invited last year! I will update this list as I curate in 2020 artists.

Amanda Immurs http://www.amandaimmurs.com
Barb TenEycke http://www.barbteneycke.com
Brian mcFee http://www.13brokenhorses.com
Carmen Gonzalez www.gallerygonzalez.com
Claudette Losier https://www.facebook.com/claudette.losier
Erika Hawkes http://www.ErikaHawkes.com
Erika Mcdowall http://emcdowall.wixsite.com/emcdowallstudio
Grace Afonso https://www.instagram.com/gracemariaafonso/
Jason Bouwman http://www.jasonbouwman.com
Jeanette Obbink http://www.obbink.ca
Jessica Masters http://www.jessicamasters.com
Joanne Kelly www.artbyjokelly.com
John Lightfoot https://www.instagram.com/johnlightfootpaintings/
Julie Ponesse https://www.julieponesseart.com/
Kate Taylor http://www.KateTaylorStudio.com

Kelly Mcdonagh http://www.kmcdonagh.com
Maggie Shepherd https://www.instagram.com/maglimpser/
Marissa Sweet http://www.marissasweet.com
Maureen Bennet https://www.timesgonebystudio.com/
Mary Karavos http://www.karavosart.com

Michelle Reid  http://www.michellereidart.com
Morgan Jones http://morganjonesart.com
Noella Upitis www.merionstreetstudio.com
Patricia Maas https://www.facebook.com/people/Patricia-Maas/100009146045280
Paula White Diamond https://www.instagram.com/pwdart/
Peter Cheung http://www.petercheungart.com
Sandra Lewis Henry http://www.sandralewishenry.com
Sandy Middleton www.middletonfolio.viewbook.com
Shelley Newman https://www.shelleynewman-paintings.com/
Sherry Czekus http://www.sherryczekus.com
Simone Bos https://www.instagram.com/simsartstudio/
Susannah Bleasby http://www.susannahbee.com

Vicki Carruthers https://www.vickicarruthers.com/

Vanessa Drew   Http://www.vanessaracheldrew.com