For five unforgettable years, our family called Africa home, pouring our hearts into contributing wherever possible. My husband took on roles in construction and education, while I focused on homeschooling our children and spearheading a fair trade initiative that proudly stands self-sufficient today, thanks to the local community’s leadership. This project, which I supported by importing their handcrafted goods for a decade, highlighted the extraordinary talents of local artisans, empowering women who emerged as the pillars of their communities. These remarkable women launched and led their businesses and supported their families, managing to fund education, healthcare, and daily sustenance.

My love for Africa, particularly Tanzania, grew profoundly during our stay. The bustling life of Arusha, with its vibrant markets and everyday scenes, was a canvas of activity and colour set against the backdrop of a rugged, dusty landscape—my artistic imagination was obsessed! Back then, I was a purely figurative painter. I found myself inspired by these strong women’s resilience, vibrancy, and communal spirit, a living mosaic of human endeavour and spirit. This season profoundly impacted me, shaping even the way I would later approach the Canadian landscapes I often paint today.

Today, I’m excited to release a series of older paintings from this season of life, with a portion of proceeds going to support black women in business. I hope you enjoy!


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