I met Esther and Dennis at The Artist Project 2015.  They were shopping for pieces to place in their beautiful newly built home in London, ON.  They were choosing between my piece and a couple of others that they had seen at the show.  I believe they understood that the artists at the show had brought their best and had decided beforehand whose work they wanted to see.

I was privileged that they chose a piece of mine to add to their list.  In chatting with them I was actually amazed at how much research they had put into their purchase beforehand.  They told me that the spot they were looking to install a piece in was over a fireplace and right in their front hall.  Then they shared that they had not only perused The Artist Project website they had narrowed their choice down and poured over the individual artists sites as well.  What dumfounded me was that they used a projector to project the image from the website onto the wall!  Ensuring that the piece would work as they were traveling about three hours to get to the show.

That is amazing.

Here is Esther and Dennis with my piece, the real one, installed!

i dream

Thanks for choosing me guys!