My Lost Painting Found At An Auction House!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfitWEq6pRQ You won't believe what happened to my painting! In this video, I share the wild story of how my artwork was mistakenly sold at auction for a fraction of its value due to a company's mishandling. After intense negotiations and countless phone calls, I managed to recover it. See how shady business nearly cost me (and my one of my galleries) a huge painting and discover the shocking twists artists face with shipping valuable [...]

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Steal Ideas To Use In Your Own Studio!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8q1VI9oaNA Join me on a virtual tour of my studio, where I bring my paintings to life! You'll get an in-depth look at the layout, organization, and the various tools and materials I use for my acrylic painting process. I'll discuss my storage system, reference materials, and unique features like the cleat system for canvas display and my customized splatter-friendly floor and walls. You'll also see some of my completed artworks and books, showcasing my [...]

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Nov 3-5, 2021 Square Foot Show

It all started 7 years ago as a small, annual party at my studio in Hamilton, Ontario. My tiny studio was filled with submissions from local artists, all the same price, all the same size, and it was such a fun party! The COVID-19 pandemic forced the 2020 show online, which opened this formerly exclusive show up to art lovers of all kinds, from all over the world! We've had two more since and the [...]

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My Garden Tour

The Garden tour and party returns! You are welcome to join me in my garden and visit my new Studio space on September 11th from 10am to 5pm! The gardens will be ready for viewing and I'll have a selection of original paintings, prints, cards, and signed copies of my children's books and coffee table book. You'll be able to enjoy the work of some of my friends (I'll share more about them soon!), see [...]

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My New Studio

I have taken the opportunity during these trying times of COVID-19 to take my studio home.  I have emptied my studio on James Street N in Hamilton. I have renovated a building on my property and my dream of being home again has done true! Find me at 363 Beach Blvd in Hamilton. 905 906 3368 Please come see me and my gardens and I will be able to serve you.  You can come and [...]

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Giclees: Canvas and Paper Prints

I am launching into the world of Canvas and Paper Prints! They are called Giclees. This is an affordable alternative for customers who may want to purchase a favourite image. Embellished Giclees are high quality canvas prints using archival inks. They are prints that I have hand embellished for beautiful texture and a hand-painted effect and then varnished. They are stretched on a gallery frame. Giclees on Canvas are the same as above but come [...]

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I have launched into a line of pillows that can be purchased here on my website in the shop or at my studio on James Street North!  They are 18 by 18 inches, made in Canada, down or polyester filled and the images are taken from my original paintings! Each pillow costs only $60! I hope you love them as much as I do!

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One couple’s unique approach to buy art!

I met Esther and Dennis at The Artist Project 2015.  They were shopping for pieces to place in their beautiful newly built home in London, ON.  They were choosing between my piece and a couple of others that they had seen at the show.  I believe they understood that the artists at the show had brought their best and had decided beforehand whose work they wanted to see. I was privileged that they chose a [...]

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It has been a great summer and fall!  This week I learned that I won the honour of having my image of Celeste be the Royal Winter Fair poster! Then later that week I won the Readers Choice for Best Local Artist in Hamilton, Ontario. I am thrilled and humbled for both of these awards. I am looking forward to attending the Royal Winter Fair this year.  It has been a while and I will [...]

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Some times I am asked what my technique entails.  I thought I would walk you through the stages of a painting! Stage one is the preparation of a canvas.  I usually paint the canvas red, although you could use any colour. I then draw on with chalk my image and then "ink" it in with a paynes grey or purple paint. Stage two is colour blocking.  I start to fill in the positive, or "foreground" [...]

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